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Get Creative at the Ceramic Corner in Dubai!


What ages is it suitable for?

Absolutely anyone can do ceramic painting aged from 0 to 100. We can do baby footprints from just a few days old and host birthday parties for all ages. Adults are very much encouraged to come and create their own special pottery pieces. We even have adult-only sessions where you can come and get creative and switch the mind off for a few hours.

What are your ceramic prices?

We have ceramic pieces starting from 65aed, figures from 75aed, mugs,bowls and money banks from 85aed. A different selection is available every week.

What is included in the ceramic price?

Use of supplies in the studio such as paints, paint brushes, stamps, stencils, sponges, etc., as well as the glazing, firing and packaging.
Specialty supplies such as Silk Screen and Stickers are an additional charge.

How long does it take?

How long is a piece of string? Painting can take as long as you want it to. We usually say allow between one and two hours for a painting session, although it can be done quicker or you can take your time. During busy periods we occasionally limit sessions to two hours.

After the piece is painted, it takes around a week for it to be glazed and fired in the kiln.

What if I am not done with my piece and I have to leave?

Unfinished pieces are taken home for safekeeping. Bring back next time you visit to finish it with an additional studio fee.

Do you accept rush orders?

The fastest we can bake a ceramic would be 4 days, and would be with an extra charge of 50aed.

Do you take bookings?

We do not take bookings, you can pop in whenever you like.

When will I get my ceramics?

Please allow 7 days for us to glaze and fire your ceramics. When you come in to do your ceramic painting, we will let you know what day and time you can collect your piece. **Please bring your collection ticket with you when you come to collect**NOTE: we do not phone customers individually to let them know when pottery is ready. It will be ready on the date discussed. 

Can I only paint one item during the session?

You can paint as many items as you like.

How many people fit on a table?

We have several tables in the studio that sit between 1 to 8 painters. If you are a bigger group we recommend booking in advance.

Do you serve food and drinks?

Yes! As well as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes, and soft drinks. We also bake our own cakes on the premises and offer a wide selection of savory snacks from toasties to burgers and soups to salads.

What paint do you use?

We use underglaze paints which are non-toxic and wash out of clothes, so don't worry if you get messy! 

Can I mix the paint?

Yes you can, but the colors change during firing, and once there mixed we can't guarantee how they will come out, so you may get a surprise!

Can I put my ceramics in the dishwasher?

All our ceramic homewares once glazed can be put in the dishwasher and microwave, but they may then have a shorter life span. Because of this, we recommend hand-washing at all times.

I am ‘not very creative’ can you help me?

There's no need to be a Picasso in our studio, simply an open mind and a willingness to have a try!

Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration.

Please ask our friendly staff any questions, we are here to help. And remember, even the messiest painting can look gorgeous. 

What happens if my piece goes wrong or breaks in the kiln?

Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of the process, sometimes things go wrong in the kiln. The gremlins get in and occasionally pieces can crack or there can be imperfections in the paints and glazes meaning that items can be unsafe to use for food. If this happens you can come back and paint another item for free and have a second go! Twice the fun!

Do you hold parties at Ceramic Corner Café?

Yes! We love a party and we have a space just for this. The private room can be arranged to hold up to 20 people seated for a pottery painting or creative experience. Kids parties, baby showers, team building we can do it all. See this page for more information on the parties we offer.

What are your party Terms and Conditions?

Click here.

Can I do baby prints on a ceramic?

Baby hand and foot prints are a great keepsake! Come on a weekday and a studio assistant should be able to help you. We will always try but may not be able to offer assistance during busy times. 

Can I have my piece delivered to me?

We can deliver your items to you for a small extra cost, usually between 20-50aed depending on location, the size and quantity of what you need delivered.

What is your workshop cancellation/refund policy?

If you can’t make your booking, we require at least 72 hours notice before your session to be able to fill your space. We cannot offer refunds for any changes to your booking after this. Please contact us by email if you have any queries.

If my piece accidently breaks while firing, do I get a replacement?

Very rarely, pieces do get cracked or damaged in the firing process. During the firing process, the clay and the glazes undergo a chemical reaction with the extremely high temperatures of the kiln. During this heating and cooling process problems occasionally occur. We try to control for these events but it is not always possible. It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. In the unlikely event of your piece breaking or cracking in the kiln, we will gladly replace the bisque if it is in stock or give you a replacement voucher with the same value.


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